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User Agreement

EduTeach Platform [hereinafter referred to as the platform] is an information service offered by EduTeach - Continuing Education to Preschool Teachers and Education Directors through Online Trainings (Project Number: VG-SPS-BY-15-36-013864) [hereinafter referred to as the project]. The aim of this website is to offer information about online training to educators, preschool teachers and education directors. The project further tends to forward research and development on models, methods, and didactic strategies for effective online training to educators, preschool teachers and education directors. Therefor it contains interactive, media-enriched learning modules, which could include didactical, technical and social aspects. To forward research and development some data (e.g. about user activity or feedback) will be collected and used (anonymously). Please do not post any messages or add any documents to the platform that are not related to the aims of the project. If you do this all the same, these postings or documents could be deleted by the administrator and your account to this platform might be blocked. There is no warranty for the service of this website. If you have questions concerning this agreement or the service of the platform please contact the administration.

Registration and user account

The user declares that all requested information given during registration process is complete, correct, and will be kept up to date. The password for the users’ account has to be kept secret. It’s not allowed to hand out this information to a third party. You accept these user guidelines and user agreement with completing the registration process and accessing the platform. For registration process the platform uses a self-registration function. Therefor the following information is required:

user name, Password, First name, Last name, Gender, E-Mail address, Language (optional, English as preselected choice)

Any personal information will be treated in a respectful and common way. The project team reserves the right to use that data for project related research or public relation issues.

About this user agreement

The user agreement can be read online on the login page of the platform. The administrator of the platform could add or change the content of the user agreement any time. In case of big changes users will be informed. In case of disagreement with new regulations of the user agreement you are free to quit your participation of the platform. Therefor please contact the administrator. With accessing the platform after a change on the user agreement was made will be seen as acceptance of the addition or changes. Intelligent Property Rights (IPR) If not mentioned different the project and all its content (also the platform) is published under a Creative Common license. With accepting the user agreement the user makes sure that he or she will respect these IPR.

End of user agreement

To recall a users’ participation on the platform an informal notice should be sent to the administrator. After the project lifetime the platform may remain online for a certain period of time, but will be closed someday. With the end of the project lifetime all user accounts on the platform will be deactivated. Although the platform could remain online for a certain period after the project was finished. Any data which was collected during the period the platform was online could be used as mentioned above. After the platform will be closed there might be an archive of its content on the project website (


It might happen that an update of the platform will be necessary to be done. For that reason the platform could be set offline. The administrator will keep the period of such an update as short as possible. During an update phase all or at least some of the functions of the platform could be out of work.


Neither the administrator, nor the project team could be claimed responsible for contact or other shared information created by a user of the platform. All users of the platform declare their agreement with being responsible for themselves and for their actions including any kind of damage they might have due to downloading some file from the platform, following a link or any other similar reason. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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